Harald Thaler and Heinrich Hofmann

2006 – The two artists produce art in a way that can be used also in the daily business. The aesthetic element of the random item is the centre of their art. They put a lot of attention onto playgrounds where they only use natural materials.
Harald Georg Thaler, born in 1974 in Bolzano, was at the school of art in St. Jakob. Worked as a stage designer at the “Bayrischer Rundfunk”, before he went to Ecuador to continue his education. Today he lives as a freelance artist.
Heinrich Wenzel Hofmann, born in 1957 in Rosenheim/Germany. After his education as a sculptor from 1974 to '77 he worked as a freelance artist and performer. His art is shown at international exhibitions and he works together with many foreign artists.
Website: www.projekt-spielart.de
E-mail Harald Thaler: harald@projekt-spielart.de
E-mail Heinrich Wenzel Hofmann: heinrich@projekt-spielart.de
Harald Thaler and Heinrich Hofmann