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"For us, wine has ALL the qualities of a work of art. 
Just as a sculptor grapples with the hard nature of a stone until he succeeds in animating it, we work creatively with nature, growing and maturing, the process of transformation, the alchemical connection of body, mind and soul and bring THAT into the bottle."
Team Kranzelhof



We cultivate diversity

just as a painter or photographer always creates new works and none is quite like the other, so we create our wines from the diversity of nature. We are interested in recognizing the tension, the liveliness and the expression of each vintage and to enter into a creative exchange with it.

Weinberg, Ernte, Kränzelhof Traubenlese Meran


and sustainable we have been working for many years, because it is our self-conception towards nature and mankind. We consciously do not use synthetic

pesticides and strengthen the natural defense system of our vineyards through a great diversity of plants and species. We continuously supply our soils with nutrients and thus maintain the ecological balance.

Weinverkostung, Meran Kränzelhof, Franz Pfeil;Tscherms Philosphische Weinprobe

In our way of working

often results in three different grape qualities from one grape variety, which we harvest at different times, resulting in three different fermentations and therefore three different wines. Instead of combining the entire harvest into just one wine, we prefer uniqueness and aim to bring out its individual character through care and attention


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