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The Roman Via Claudia Augusta crosses the vineyards of the Kränzelhof. For thousands of years it was the most important connection between north and south and along this path the residence was a significant and lively meeting place for a long time. We want to continue this tradition. We offer our visitors personal, comprehensive tours and are happy to cater to individual requests. In the historical vaulted cellar of the more than 700-year-old residence, the art of winemaking from the old days to the present day can be traced.

our philosophy



Vinosophical Tour

We walk through the vineyards of the historic residence and the associated cellar with a tasting of 6 wines. The visit of the 7 gardens is included.

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Price per person: €30

With Registration


3:30 p.m

Philosophical wine Tour

I share with you thoughts on the miracle of winemaking, fueled by over 40 years of viticulture experience. Customized tasting.


Price on request

Individual appointment. Minimum no. of participants: 5

Philosophical Garden


The living installation of the 7 gardens contains magical messages. We roam the extensive gardens with explanations on the subject of 7 gardens, the plants and our art objects.


Price per person: €25

Individual appointment. Minimum no. of participants: 5

Rarities tasting

Cross-tasting of current and older vintages. My wife's preference for mature wines ensures a well-stocked archive. Experience the exciting development potential of our wines. 


Price on request

Individual appointment. Minimum no. of participants: 5



  • We kindly ask you to register for our public tours at least the day before so that we can guarantee you a place.

  • The philosophical wine tour, the philosophical garden tour and the rarity tasting take place with a minimum of 5 participants.

  • We are happy to allocate individual appointments for groups and individuals on request. 

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fork appetizer

can be booked in addition to all guided tours and tastings.

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