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"Inspired by the wonderful symbiosis of art and nature in the gardens of southern England, we decided to enrich our winery with an art garden."

Franz & Stephanie von Pfeil

7 Gärten
Garden Art Gallery


The magic of the 7 gardens comes from the diversity of moods. Along the paths that wind through trees, shrubs and small waterways, you will always discover new, magic places that enchant in their simplicity and silence. We create and live entirely in the spirit: "Nature with Humans - Human Nature".


The 7 gardens: Garden of Trust, Garden of Emotion, Garden of Courage, Garden of Heart and Love, Garden of Expression, Garden of Intuition, Garden of Consciousness. 

Accompanying landscape architect: Bernhard Zingler.


“For me ART is an expression of inspiration; it touches me in a depth that is beyond what is provable and yet contains everything.” 

Franz von Pfeil

The spectrum of the selected works is broad and ranges from figurative to abstract: innovative contemporary materials such as metal, wire, glass, ceramic and plastic alternate with traditional materials such as stone, wood and bronze.

The placement of the sculptures takes center stage and makes our gardens unique. The close connection between art and nature is crucial: the way a plant frames a sculpture, the way a sculpture accentuates and changes plants in its environment - like the texture of trees or the color of moss - or the way a ray of sunlight plays around its surface.

It is a special joy to discover works hidden in the remote parts of the garden. These are real "wonderland moments".  


The GARDEN ART GALLERY lives with and from our artists and wants to promote national as well as international art.

The project is supported by the cultural association .


TEMPORARY EXHIBITION from April 29 to November 07, 2022

Movement enables encounter: sculpture exhibition

During this time, 19 artists from South Tyrol / Trentino, Austria and Germany will design the 7 gardens in Tscherms, South Tyrol, covering two hectares with selected sculptures.

"Observers of life" you would like to call the artists.

Lightness, rootedness, stillness, strength, weakness, fear, growth, free-spiritedness, dance, abstraction, figurativeness are just a few of the countless feelings and states that are told, made tangible and palpable here through three-dimensional art.
A particularly sensitive placement of the artworks in the midst of nature at watering places, between trees and fragrant flowers or on generous open spaces makes the experience a feast for the senses.
Visitors can let themselves drift and experience a sense of being human that is as relaxed as it is powerful. Created from materials such as wood, bronze, stone, steel, concrete and with the demand for the highest quality, the sculptures stand for moments of the moment and eternity. Moments of happiness.

Yes for sure, happiness can be done!

Andrea Matheisen

Artists: Claus Bierling, Siegmund Geiser, Armin Grunt, Martin Hell, Alfred Kainz, Ivan Lardschneider, Remo Leghissa, Andrea Matheisen, Clara Mayr, Lukas Mayr, Richard Mittermaier, Gerald Moroder, Alfred Opiolka, Christine Perseis, Carl Pfeil, Hermann Josef Runggaldier, Christian Stl, Simone Turra, Leander Wennige, and more...