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Baslan Vernatsch 2022

Our Baslan Vernatsch is an exceptional representative of its variety. In it, the wonderful characteristics of the variety are concentrated in a way that brings a joyful gleam to the eyes of every connoisseur. After the first sip, the hand wanders all by itself to the glass to reconnect with this magic. Pure drinking pleasure.

Vinification: Careful, multiple, if possible very late harvest. Maceration partly with stems, refinement for 7 months in wooden barrels on the lees.

Baslan Vernatsch 2022

  • Radiant, lively, dark cherry red, a scent of raspberry, cherry, spices, fresh hay and almond blossom. Roasted almonds on the palate, spicy, fruity. Long, powerful finish, velvety tannins. An exceptional representative of its variety in many respects.

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