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Aries Sauvignon Blanc 2022

This multi-layered wine with excellent development potential and radiance is produced from the Sauvignon vines at Kränzelhof, which are now over 10 years old. Vinification: Careful and staggered manual selection, partial mash fermentation with whole grapes and stems, 30% is fermented in wooden barrels.

Aries Sauvignon Blanc 2022

  • Straw yellow with light green reflections, multi-layered and complex yet delicate aroma profile: gooseberry, grass, delicate tropical fruit, green apple, herbs and grass. The finely structured, slightly creamy texture is complemented by delicate vanilla notes and subtle floral accents. Citrusy notes and mineral nuances lend the wine depth and complexity.

    Alcohol: 13 % vol

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